Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer night walk

 I can't lie, my son took this picture

Footsteps clip clap in flip flops. 

Headlights sweep 'cross dirty feet. 

Drizzling mists.  Streetlamp turning drops to diamonds. 

Spy a frog, hop the step. 

Nope, you cannot catch me yet. 

Thunder claps as lightnings flash. 

Drips drop harder, falling fast. 

I’m soaked to skin, my steps splish splash. 

Unbolt the door and let me in.

Joining G-Man with a Friday Flash 55

460.  Going out for dinner (to my favorite restaurant) with friends
461.  Husband is home from his travels
462.  Fully alert and awake this morning
463.  Friday (I just had to say it)


  1. What a cool picture! And I could almost hear your flip-flops and the dropping rain. Happy Friday, Happy Girl!

  2. Excellent.  It makes me both smile and feel a touch sad at the same time.

  3. Absolutely love this!  Isn't it amazing how so few words form such a precise mental picture?

  4. That's very good - I like that.  :)

  5. Izzy here- thanks for visiting and I really love your 55!

  6. haha this just sounds fun to read...really nice on the rhyme ma' stuff...

  7. Happy Girl...
    This 55 is a Very Happy Story!!
    I Loved it...:-)
    Thanks for playing, this was a fun/creative piece,
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  8. Nice happy sounds here ~  Enjoyed it ~

  9. What a fun little poem. I like to think the author and the frog were given shelter.

  10. Cute picture, I'm a sucker for frogs : )

  11. Nice one! 55 words for a frog, Kudos! Have you a great weekend. hugs shakira

    Mine is here


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