Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My 2nd chance

Aren't second chances the BOMB!  I know we don't always get a second chance, but when one does... revel in it.

Today I got my second chance.  I got to set up another meeting, similar to the meeting from my bad day.

*Background on this is that my boss has placed a meeting on his calendar and hopes I will notice that he put it there and I will then take care of everything and make all run as smoothly as silk feels.  Oh yeah, and he is out of the office on Monday and Tuesday at off-campus meetings and he doesn't return my texts.*

Yesterday, at 4:00 p.m., my boss asked me to find a venue for this meeting and invite the attendees with the meeting information, location and time.  He did not give me a list of the people he wanted me to invite.  THIS TIME there were going to be no assumptions on my part.  I sent him an email with a list of names and asked it these, indeed, were the people he wanted invited to the meeting.  (fool me once, shame on you.  fool me twice, you know how it goes)  He replied to this email with a "yes" and adds an additional list of names of people he wanted at the meeting.  (seriously, if you are a boss of ANYBODY, communication is KEY)  This was a very good start in my 2nd chance.

I asked him if he wants me to pick up catering for this breakfast meeting and he said, "no."  (yay, I hate schlepping coffee and the like)

This sounds like a piece of cake, right?  Wait for it...

The first monkey wrench get thrown into the works when the meeting room initially reserved for this meeting is still off-line because of slow (read, not showing up) HVAC workers who have left it in a mess in the midst of ac installation.  No worries.  I find a new room and send out the email to the (correct list of) invited meeting attenders.  I love it when I can make a problem into a non-issue.

There is more.

Then my boss strolls into my office at 4:50 p.m. and says, "btw, I told a trustee of the college the wrong meeting room and he never looks at his emails, would you call him and let him know where we are meeting tomorrow morning.  Oh, and this trustee says he hopes there is coffee at the meeting, so will you provide catering for 20."  Yeah, this is the way it goes.  I call the trustee, who is, fortunately, at his desk in his office.  Booyah!  Then I call Dunkin Donuts ('cause Panera Bread, you messed me up and I'm not playing with you anymore.) and order coffee and donuts for 20.  (just sayin', my boss hates donuts.  too bad.)  So far, so good.  Right?  You'd think so.

There is more.

I get home from work and I'm chillin' in front of the tv and sipping on a cocktail.  Life is good.  *marimba*  *marimba* (that's my ringtone)  It's my boss.  (thanks iPhone for telling me who is calling)  It's 6:30 p.m.  I debate whether or not to answer.  Calls at this time are never good news.  (Like, hey happygirl, I was calling to see if I could take you and the hubby out to dinner?  or  hey happygirl, I just heard you're getting a raise and I wanted to tell you right away!)  Calls after working hours are never good..  I answer the phone.  Some of the attendees have responded that they cannot come to the college and have asked to be conferenced into the meeting.  Would I mind setting up a conference phone and setting up my shared meeting materials website?  Gee, yes.

There is nothing I'd like to do more. 

In the end, all went as smooth as silk and I got the chance to shine in my 2nd chance.  As I considered the blessing of having this opportunity, I thought about God and the way God treats me.  I serve a God of 2nd chances.  I've been known to do exactly what I ought not to do and not do it accidentally, but with intention.  This is known, in christianese, as SIN.  I've lied when I ought to tell the truth.  I've gossiped when I ought to have said nothing.  I've stolen when I ought to have paid.  I've cheated, lusted, cussed... (get the picture?)  The God I serve knows I did these things, and still gives me another chance to do better when I ask for another chance.  All I have to do is ask.

God is good.  All the time.

434.  Gotta say it... 2nd chances
435.  Talking with my girlfriend on the phone and just ... talking
436.  Eating a leftover donut
437.  Drinking beet juice for lunch so I don't feel so guilty about eating the donut

Me, chillaxin'


  1. Elizabeth StewartJuly 18, 2012 at 2:00 PM

    Smiling as I read, then a puzzled look on my face as I read about the beet juice drink, explain you juice beets, buy already juiced beets, is beet juice good?

  2. I am a juicer.  I juice fruits and veggies as meal replacements.  Today I am drinking beet, cucumber, carrot, apple, pineapple juice.  Beet juice taste the same as beets (not pickled) but without chewing.  I make the juice myself. 

  3. booyah...glad you got our redemption in this one...and your willingness to do whatever it took as rock!

  4. Yes He is!   Do-overs  are the best!  We have a re-run God.  :-)

  5. I'm so glad that it went well!

  6.  haha - Brian stole my words. I was gonna say: "You rock." (You do.)

  7. Glad your second chance worked out.  I was wondering what was gonna happen!


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