Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Secretary's day

It's the day of the year, set aside to honor me, and all those doing the job I do.  I'm a secretary.  It's what I do.  I do it, because it is important to do work.

"Without constant activity, the threats of life will soon overwhelm the values." -- Jim Rohn 

Today is a slow day at the office.  Even the phone is silent.  My office is cold and the hum of the fan on the space heater is droning low and constant.  A quiet day like this is few and far between, but today I am not enjoying it.  I know I'll long for a slow day like this when I'm swamped and up against the wall with work.  Today, I'm wishing for a project.  Maybe I'm wishing I was home, clearing the stuff out of my house.  Having a project to work on while I'm at work makes the day go by faster.  It gives me a purpose.  Today, I wonder why I'm here.  I texted my husband and asked him why I was here.  He reminded me I carry my son's health insurance and his dental insurance.  I have a purpose.

"I never remember feeling tired by work, though idleness exhausts me completely." -– Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 

I can relate to Sherlock Holme's dad on this one.  I'm yawning and finding my head being held up with my hands.  I'm wondering if anyone will notice if I lay my head on my desk and fall asleep.  One of my co-workers told me that another co-worker closes the door to his office and takes a nap, sometimes.  She knows, because she can hear him snoring through the wall.  That's funny.  I could never get away with this.  My boss has an "open door" policy.  And I don't mean "open door," I mean open door.  He doesn't allow me to close the door from my office to the hallway and the door between our offices remains open unless he has a private meeting going on in there.

"Laziness is a mood or a pose.  It's like a coat--you can take it off whenever you decide to. Activity breeds productivity. Get busy and you'll get business." -– Tom Hopkins

I'm planning to have lunch with my husband today.  I think he wants to celebrate his GENIUS in the stock market.  I'm proud to be able to join him and compliment him on his great day in the market.  (I think his love language may be words of affirmation)  Between the effort I'm putting forward on this post and the diversion of having lunch with the husband, I hope to return to the office invigorated and ready to find something to do.  I will Get Busy!  As I glance around my space, I see a couple piles of papers I could sort through and file or toss.  Granted, it's not a lot, but it's something and then it will be done.  (this is completely off topic, but my boss just emitted a gigantic yawn.  seriously GIGANTIC.  yawning is contagious, just sayin')  I believe Mr. Hopkins when he says, "Activity breeds productivity."  I believe there is also a law of inertia that says a body in motions will stay in motion, unless acted upon by another force.  (I'm sure I've worded this incorrectly and will gladly accept any corrections)  If I get moving, I'll get something accomplished.

"Well done is better than well said." -– Ben Franklin

This being said, now all that is left to do, is to do, right Ben?  And just as I type these words, I notice a dumpster has been placed in the circle outside my office building.  Is this a sign?  I believe it is.  I will have a giant cup of coffee, a short walk to my car, an exhilarating drive to the restaurant, a stimulating conversation with my husband, a delicious, but light lunch, another exhilarating drive back to my office and do all I have said I would do.  I will work as Mr. William J. Bennett describes.

"Work is effort applied toward some end. The most satisfying work involves directing our efforts toward achieving ends that we ourselves endorse as worthy expressions of our talent and character."

177.  A job with a purpose
178.  Being married to a stock market genius
179.  A boss that appreciates the work I do (when I remind him)
180.  Delicious Thai food for lunch on rare occasions
181.  Coffee (have I said this before, because I AM super grateful for coffee)
182.  A slow day at the office once in a while.
183.  A basket full of petunias

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Pile of stuff
Yeah, it's coffee


Clean shelf
a basket of petunias = appreciation


  1. How come glorified salespeople don't get a day?  Just wondering.  

  2. You should.  You really, really should.  :)

  3. Lunch with your stock market genius husband and Thai food--sounds like a great celebration to me. Appreciated the quotes woven throughout this piece.

  4. hope you had a fabulous lunch..and that you got your project....

  5. I love coffee too...always helps the day...sweet list and I am so glad you can look at your world through a postive lens....blessings~

  6. I remember last year your boss took you out to lunch. This year is better! You are going out to lunch with someone that you like! Next year, maybe take the day off. It's your day! Then it should be YOUR DAY!

  7.  haha, no way would I miss Secretary's Day.  It's a thought, but I'm not ready to give up my day.  Maybe I'll take my birthday off.  :)

  8.  I DID get a project.  And I came back from lunch with a revitalized attitude.

  9. Happy Secretary's Day!  I think most of us make do with too little appreciation in our work.  It's one thing to tell ourselves we aren't doing it for the applause, but it's nice to be noticed.

  10. I like what you wrote about seeing the dumpster as a sign.  Yes, I needed to read that today. So much to be grateful for and yet, I get stuck in a low down moment.  Time to get out of that. 

  11. I'm all with you on your conclusions here. 

    Getting busy helps time to go fast and helps us to find that elusive place called 'being happy'.  Empty, boring spaces and times are just blank canvases waiting to be filled creatively!

    Glad you overcame this mountain.  And glad you got lunch with hubby -- what a blessing!

  12. "i have a purpose." i love this girl. i have to remind myself of this a thousand times a day.

  13. The coffee and the clean shelf is inspirational.

  14.  MattMatt @ The Church of No People Thank you so much for reading and commenting.  To me, it's kinda like being noticed by a Rock Star.  But, don't ministers get the whole month of October to be appreciated?  I get a day.  :)

  15.  Me too.  I hate driving all the way down here and not doing anything.  I like to work.

  16.  It's good to know, isn't it.

  17. I love all of the quotes here!  Happy Secretary's Day to you!

  18. Slow days at work always drove me nuts.  It seemed like the day just dragged by.

  19. COFFEE!!!! How I love it so...:)  Also loving reading your love for your hubby. :) 

  20. Love that basket of petunias.  

    I've noticed my man is keeping the stock market on our task bar lately.  Hmm.


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