Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Retirement and me

It's been a little more than a month of retirement for my husband.  The first three weeks of his retirement I was sick.  Really sicky sick with quite a few days home from work.  I don't think I was able to get a very good view of what living with a retired guy was going to be like.  I was too focused on myself and my breathing.  I really didn't even notice he was home.  Then we had a week of me going to work every day, although I was still pretty weak and had no voice or energy when I returned home in the evening.  Sadly, I was still quite focused on myself, but I did notice my husband was home.  Further, I noticed my husband was home when I got home from work.  Since he usually returned home about two hours after me, this was a significant difference.  I noticed.  Last week my husband went on vacation without me.  I absolutely noticed this.  I was completely recovered and no one was home when I got home from work.  It was a little lonely, but I was so busy at my job I really enjoyed the down time when I got home in the evening.

This week my husband is home from vacation, I am healthy and he is still retired.  I'm getting a good look at what this retirement thing looks like.  So far, I can tell you, it seems very good.  In the morning I make juice for all of us for breakfast and I leave the dirty juicer on the counter.  When I get home in the evening the juicer is completely clean and ready for me to use again for dinner.  This is a wonderful thing.  I love being cleaned up after.  This has not happened for me since I was nine.  I discovered my husband knows how to use a washing machine.  He told me he used it twice while he was on vacation.  He told me he came home from vacation with all clean clothes.  I am so tempted to test him with this new knowledge at our house.  I'd love it if he did the towels and the sheets.  This would be a big help.  I'm tempted, but I haven't asked, yet.  (I am aware he often reads my blog, so he may see this)  People have asked me about the cooking.  I'm not thinking about this.  Sure, it would be nice to come home to a cooked dinner, but I don't think cooking is something my husband wants to do.  I don't think he should have to do too many things he doesn't want to do.  After all, he's retired.

I do have a few hopes and dreams for his time while he's retired and I'm working.  I'd love to get our bathroom tub area re-tiled and get the faucet and stuff updated.  I'd like to paint the front hall and the living room.  I LOVE to have the garage emptied out and the basement emptied out.  I know I have to do a lot of work around the house, myself.  I want to get rid of all the lladros and baskets and books and crap scattered all around my house.  My dream is to move out of our house with nothing but suitcases in our hands.  I know it's a dream, but a girl's gotta dream, doesn't she.

All this dreaming aside, we have to keep the priorities straight and do first things.  My husband has to finish his dissertation.  This is the priority.  (btw, if you would like to add anything to your prayer list, this would be a great one)  I know he wants to complete his PhD.  This is very important to him.  Secondly, I know he wants to fix up our rental property.  This will be a big job, as well.  Maybe I'll have to keep working to pay some of these bills?  We will see.

I have a coworker in the same situation I as mine.  Her husband retired and she is still working.  They've already bought their retirement home in another state.  He's already moved down there.  She's got their house in this state for sale.  I think the moment it sells, we will see her last day of work.  Wouldn't it be funny if we both quit on the same day?  Yeah, I think it would be hilarious.  :)

103.  My son is getting an A in his college class, so far
104.  Finishing a big work project
105.  Time to relax when I get home from work
106.  The anticipation of a weekend getaway
107.  Lots of great advice from readers for my dry skin
108.  Sacrifices we made when we were young to provide for opportunities now
109.  Coffee (have I said this before?)
110.  Smart phones (iPhone)

Sexy  ;)


  1. Sounds like some new ground is being covered.  Good luck -

  2. nice...sounds likea good situation so far....hey i washed the dishes today...need to do some laundry does work for us guys too...smiles.

  3. I think it's really nice that you're not slapping him with a mile long to-do list right out of the gate.  I'm not sure that I would have that much restraint!

  4. What a great dream! to walk out of your house with just suitcases. It would be great if your husband gets rid of the things while you are at work. All he has to do is put all the stuff in bags and drop them off at goodwill or a place like that. You won't miss anything he gives away.

  5. My wife retired before I did.  I surely did miss her as she worked three offices down from me. We had worked together since the time we met in graduate school.  I stuck it out until my official retirement time came (one of those programs where you pick a retirement date that is up to five years in the future).  I'm glad that I did but am happy to be in a situation where we both are retired now and still young enough to do a lot of things that we wanted to do. 

  6. It would be great to move out of the house with just suitcases to worry about! That would make things so much easier for you, seeing as how you only have to deal with so few stuff by then. It would be best if you find a retirement house before you do lay down the pen, just like what your colleague at work did. That would make the transition a whole lot easier. It would be great for you and your husband to live in one place, happy and contented.

    @Cara Larose


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