Monday, October 28, 2013

Breaking through my barriers

I was going to write "fears" instead of barriers.  I think the two things I finally did today weren't things I was afraid of doing, rather, they were things I'd used as barriers to keep from moving forward in this new stage of my life.  Maybe now that I've done each of these things once, I'll have an easier time doing them again and again.

The first thing I did for the first time today was to apply for work through the MWE job search site.  I've mentioned before that since I am collecting unemployment benefits I need to apply for at least two jobs each week.  Up until today I did this the "old fashioned" way.  I looked for jobs in the local on-line newspaper or I asked people I knew about possible employment opportunities.  Those were working just fine for me.  But on Friday I received a letter from the DLLR informing me I was required to attend a seminar for the JobSource program this week.  I knew the state wanted me to use their job service to hunt for work.  It allows them to keep track of how I'm looking for work and not just relying on me to keep my own records.  So, today I updated my resume' and applied for work through the website.  I applied for two jobs.  Check.

The second thing I did today was to go for a walk around the neighborhood during working hours.  I had delayed this endeavor for more than a couple reasons.  I had excuse after excuse after excuse.  I'm lazy.  I'm fat.  I don't have good music on my phone.  I couldn't find my earbuds.  I didn't want to see anyone from the neighborhood.  My feet hurt.  It's cold.  It's hot.  It's windy.  It's not.  Yeah, I had a few excuses.  Today my husband shamed me into going for the walk.  And I lived.  And I DID see people from the neighborhood.  And the music on my phone was crappy.  And it did hurt.  But it was a nice day and, who knows, maybe it will be good for me.  Check check.

And, more importantly, maybe I'll do theses things again tomorrow.

541.  A nice neighborhood for walking just outside my front door
542.  Friendly neighbors
543.  A perfect fall day
544.  The feeling of accomplishment
545.  My son got a new roommate
546.  Looking forward to my bible study small group


  1. Good for you! We're trying to enjoy as much of the lovely weather as possible for as long as possible!

  2. Loved your walk excuses... LOL!! I know you! My thoughts are the same. I really enjoyed your post and hope that you do continue to walk. Before you lose the ability. Keep up the writing too :-)
    Patty from group

  3. of course it will be good for you...out among the people is the best place to be you know....smiles...and good on you for applying for the jobs...ugh...i am glad those days are over for me...seemed like it took forever...

  4. I have noticed for quite some time the many instances when God says in His word "when you walk through...". I think our victories in life are most often found in the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other and keeping on walking.

  5. Why is that sometimes the real best things for us are the things we so DON'T want to do - because of those barriers. Why do all our lists (at least mine are that way) - always show me at my worst - not at all how God sees me! Praying that God open doors to a job you will love!

  6. Exercise is a good thing. It helps to keep the body going. No need to be shamed into something though. Just do something you enjoy.


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