Friday, September 6, 2013

Sad Mac

The rainbow wheel spins as thoughts back up in my brain.
Freeze.  Pause.  Jaw clenches.
Tapping keys with a purpose (of busting through the board).
Words get short.  Frustrations flare.
No love is lost when the faithful friend is dying.
Sure we’ve shared secrets and smiles and songs, but I long
For a MacBook Pro.

Nothing is more frustrating than a failing laptop, is there?
I'm linking with G-Man with my 55 this morning

491.  Yeah, I'm getting a pro
492.  Leaving anxiety behind
493.  Clearing stuff and feeling 10 lbs lighter
494.  Getting ready for company (yay entertaining)
495.  Farmers market
496.  Going out to a movie and dinner with a friend
497.  Waking up and realizing it was a nightmare
498.  Getting my confidence back
499.  Friday!  (not as exciting as it used to be)
500.  1st Friday!  (I adore the celebrating)


  1. Awww Happy Girl,
    Just another unexpected expense!!!
    Don't ya just HATE when that happens?
    Loved your Death Bed 55
    Shop hard, there ARE some good deals out there...:-)
    Thanks for playing, I hope it lives a bit longer,
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. And BTW.....BINGO!!!!!

  3. G is right, good deals this time of year. Your laptop picked a good time of year to die. A new bay is so much fun too.

  4. Oh you're sooo right!

  5. That is definitely one of the most frustrating things in the world!

  6. if he won't do what you tell him anymore you'll just have to get that MacBook Pro, won'cha? ;)

  7. oh i dont like it all when the computer dies....had it happen without warning and lost things cause i did not back it up

  8. Mine is in the shop 'cuz it is shot.


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