Saturday, June 29, 2013

Really, Aaron Hernandez. REALLY!


Aaron Hernandez, you had a $40 million contract with the New England Patriots football team and you are 23 years old.

Now you are charged with first degree murder for shooting your friend?  really

You and a few of your other buddies pick up your friend (YOUR FRIEND!!!,... really?) at his house and take him to an industrial park.  Before your friend can even get out of the car, you shoot him 5 times.  Let's see how this would go...  bang bang bang... Bang        BANG.

Yeah, your friend is dead...  really.

And the reason you give for shooting and killing your friend was because he was talking with some other people you are "having problems" with.  Really?

After you shoot your friend, you go home and wave the gun around that you shot your friend with and instruct your girlfriend not to talk to the police and you let all your actions get recorded by the newly installed security system cameras you have in your mansion.   Yeah, the mansion you buy with some of that ridiculous NFL money you get for playing a game 5 months out of the year.  Really!?!

OH, and you ask the judge to give you bail because you are an upstanding citizen and not a flight risk.  REALLY!

And you don't think you give your people, your profession, and your generation a black eye.  Really. 

I guess we shouldn't be too shocked by the actions of this thug.  Since the Super Bowl game last February there have been 27 NFL players arrested for criminal activity.  These people are not role models for anyone but the gangster and criminal element of society.  The NFL is going the way of the NBA.  Thank goodness for hockey.  (yay BlackHawks!)

Feel free to exchange any New England 81 football jersey for any other player's jersey.  The NFL store isn't asking any questions.  But I have a question.  At this rate how are you going to find a player's jersey to wear that doesn't belong to a criminal?  Or, maybe this year the penal system will have a team with enough players to go to the Super Bowl.


  1. ha. its the whole debaucle of professional sports in general...a system we created....paying them through the roof, idolizing them, letting them hear the chant of their names and everyone wanting to be them...idiots...

  2. And the media couldn't poke enough fun of the Christian morals of Tim Tebow.

  3. Elizabeth StewartJune 30, 2013 at 12:54 AM

    Really???is right!

  4. hiya. hows the summer going? smiles.

  5. Really! Pro athletes just look like idiots these days. Rich, spoiled, arrogant people. It's so frustrating that we pay them so much. It's just wrong.


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