Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dreaming of my dream home

I'm sitting here gazing out at the ocean, watching the waves roll into the shore.  I think I could enjoy this view for the rest of my life.  The blue/green colors in the water sooth my soul.  The sound of the waves breaking on the shore lull me into a peaceful state of mind.  The white foam against the beige sand and the spray rising from a cresting wave reinforce the feeling of strength in mother nature.   I am drawn to the vastness of the sea intrigued to see what lies on the far side of the horizon.

I started writing this post while I was on vacation in Daytona Beach.  Unfortunately my internet connection was too poor to finish the post and get it on the blog at that time.  So now I'm sitting at my desk in my office.  The "window shaker" air conditioning unit is buzzing so loud I can barely hear myself think.  And all I can think about is the view from my hotel room at the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

I can practically hear the ocean and smell the breeze.  This view restores my soul.

I've never felt this way before.  I lived most of my childhood in the same house in a southwest suburb of Chicago (yay BlackHawks!).  When I moved out of my parent's home I moved about 15 miles away to live just inside the city limits to work in the hospital I was born in.  Then I married my husband and moved into his house.  During my marriage we moved from place to place always finding a house we could easily resell.  If we were very lucky, we lived in Navy housing.  Every place we lived was a nice place, but I would never have called any of them my dream house.

I live in a lovely house.  You've seen a bit of the outside of my house if you read any of my Irene posts.  In fact, I have a much nicer deck on the house now.  Thanks to Irene.  Even though I have a lovely house, in a lovely neighborhood, I've never like living here in the mid-Atlantic region in the area I live.  It's fairly rural.  They say it's becoming a bedroom community of Washington DC.  However, I don't thing living 80+ miles from the city is very suburban.  AND, I live on a peninsula between the Patuxent River and the Potomac Rive.  Let's just say that water is very isolating.  You don't "accidentally" end up driving through my area.  If you are here, this is where you were going to or else you are SUPER lost.  Long story short... I don't live in my dream house.

Is Daytona Beach my dream location?  I don't know.  What I do know is that I like visiting there.  I like that it is somewhat urban.  It's not as urban as I would like, but there is a downtown area.  I found a building I would like to live in.  It's on the beach.  So, it's not in the downtown area of the city.  Oh, I think I should back up a minute here.  I've decided I don't want to live in a house anymore.  I'm ready for apartment living.  I know there are crazy high condo fees and I won't have my complete privacy.  I know there is a good chance I may see someone in the elevator and I'd have to say hello, but I think I can do that now.  Now you know, my dream house is an apartment, not a house.  Anyway, I found a building that is across the street of a grocery store, bank, and drug store.  Everything I would need on a day to day basis is withing walking distance.  I love that.  AND, it's on the beach.  I love that.

This is my new reality.  I sit at work and I daydream about my dream house.  I go on Trulia and look at pictures of apartments in the building I like.  I daydream of sitting on the balcony and gazing over the ocean.

I wonder if any of this will make the time I need to spend at work go by any faster?  I wonder if I'm just torturing myself?  It doesn't matter, because this is where I am in my life right now.  It sort of feels like waiting and hoping and dreaming.  I've never felt like this before.  Typically I'm the type of person that is satisfied just where I am, doing just what I need to do, but now I've found myself becoming a dreamer.  I can't decide if I like it or not.

313.  Lunch date with my son
314.  The bus family is rolling away from my area
315.  Daydreaming about my future
316.  Watermelon
317.  The quiet of a building empty of people who are burning "use or lose" leave
318.  Co-worker that is becoming more of a friend every day
319.  Window shopping for apartments on the internet


  1. Sometimes, a place just calls to you.

  2. ha. sounds like this place really got ahold of you...there are def days i dream of the beach or a small cabin in the what you have to in order for it to be a reality eh? smiles.

  3. Back to blogging eh?
    Well remember what happens on Friday?
    What a really great way to show your fans that you are REALLY back!

  4. the beach looks beautiful. i often dream of my dream house.. life. I've always been a bit of a dreamer though.

  5. When you dream of something, there should be a limit. It should be something feasible or achievable. Never aim too high or it would only lead you to frustration. You must not ONLY dream, you must also make a plan on how you can achieve it.


  6. I think there's no harm in dreaming of something even if it's too high. That's what dreams are for! However, you have to make sure you don't just depend on your dreams; reality matters most. You might have high expectations for your dream home, but I think you also need to have more feasible details for the home you want to own. I know there's a home out there that's waiting for you. :)

    Deron Tucker @

  7. Awww. Reading your post took me on a daydreaming. It made me feel relaxed. Haha. Well, who wouldn't want to live near a beach right? It's good that you've thought about what you really want to live in. You may dream of buying a house or an apartment, but I think wherever you decide to choose, as long as your with your loved ones and everything you need and want is there, would be good. :)

    Barber @

  8. We share the same thoughts about living near the sea, Happygirl! It is just so relaxing. The splashes of sea waves is really magical and can soothe your senses. Anyway, have you thought about owning a place near one? It might be a good idea! Keep us updated!

    Gina Sutton @ Traditions Realty Team


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