Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Decision 2012, God is still sovereign

I woke up this morning to more of the same.  I wasn't very surprised.  The difference, at least for me, was that this was my first Facebook election.  It is amazing the things people will say behind their computer screen.  I have to say, some of the statuses and comments have made me question the character of people I thought were "friends."  I'm fairly sure these same strong opinionated folk wouldn't have the same courage of their convictions face to face.  Btw, you don't even want to get me started on the minister and church lady comments.  Do these people know we can SEE them?

Romans 13:1  Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.

Paul is reminding us that all governing authorities have been put in place by God.  God can raise nations up or tear them down.  In Isaiah 46:9-10 God tells us,  ".. for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me .. My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure."  This is the sovereignty of God in a nutshell.  God has the authority to do as he chooses and God has the power to do as he chooses.

Sure, I'm disappointed my guy didn't win.  Sure, I'm disappointed that there will be amendments to my state constitution I don't approve of.  Sure, I'm thinking about moving to Belize.  (just kidding, sorta, kinda)  I see these next four years as another opportunity for me to show my true colors and to trust my sovereign God.  Am I a true follower of Christ?  Do I believe that no matter what happens to me on this earthly walk of life I still am a daughter of the king?  Do I truly believe that heaven is my home?  Will my actions show this to those I meet in this life as well as to my facebook friends?

This campaign was painful to me.  Maybe it was the addition of social media.  This campaign and all its ugliness seemed inescapable.  The additional fact of the expense of both campaigns also sickens me.  If there is one thing I hope we learn from this is that too much is just TOO DARN MUCH.  I believe this campaign was very divisive.  I hope the damage it inflicted on this nation is not irreparable.  I cannot help but reflect on history and think of the pain our nation suffered during the Civil War.  I can't imagine the fear and anger and outrage and pain in the nation at that time.  When I think of that time in history I know I am turning to the same scriptures those christians turned to for comfort.  I pray the same prayers prayed by christians facing war with their fellow Americans.  Yet I have the blessing of seeing how God healed our nation and did not turn his face from us.  This experience should give me comfort.

In Psalm 75:7 the psalmist says, "But it is God who executes judgment, putting down one and lifting up another."

I encourage my christian friends, both in real life and on facebook, trust God.  Read what the Bible says regarding God's sovereignty.  Have faith.  Be brave and show that faith to everyone you meet and on every social media tweet, status or blog-post you write.  

670.  Living in a nation that settles its elections peacefully 
671.  Facebook.  As much grief as I give those that misuse social media, I do think it has its good side
672.  Digital books.  I really like my kindle, too.  I can read my bible anytime I choose
673.  Having mature christian friends.  Those folks who walk the talk
674.  Having choices.  I am so blessed to have the choices available to me in this life
675.  Vodka.  I think I've said this one before 

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  1. I definitely agree with you about the amount of money spent in the campaign process. I just don't get how that has to be necessary, especially since at least 80% (at least according to the poll I saw) if not more had already made up their minds who they were going to vote for well before the most expensive campaign gestures kicked in.

    Also, sorry if this bothers you, but last night I saw a tweet that basically summed up the election for me: "At least now us expats won't have to spend the next four years explaining to everyone around us how Romney managed to win" (NOT a direct quote). It's strange to me that the entire world around the U.S. cares almost as much about the US president as people in the U.S. care and I don't entirely think it's right. But the vast majority of them are very glad with the outcome, which is going to make my life as a US citizen living abroad much easier.

    Not sure why I felt the need to share that with you, now that I typed it all out. Sorry... but since I typed it I'll leave it. Ultimately, though, you're right - the world is in God's hands and that includes our leaders. That is a good thought indeed.

  2. The facebook posts related to the election have been painful for me. I'm glad the decision's been made. I'm glad I voted. 

  3. i am glad it is cost too much...and it only increased the division in our nation....probably the worst it has been since the civil hope and prayer is that now in the after that we can find a way to come together to face all that we have to together..

    it has been very ugly and will continue to be so as long as we allow it...i think we have seen where many hearts really lie...when politics takes precedence over our values and our beliefs...

  4. well, i just plain love you. and i'm glad i haven't been paying too much attention to the facebook posts/statuses. because i think i'd lose faith in humanity. and i love that you keep saying how thankful you are for vodka. (should i be worried? :)) xoxo

  5. I'm glad the election is over, too.

  6. Maybe you should pray for me on that vodka thing.  Sometimes..., but not often.

  7.  No worries about sharing your thoughts.  My feeling about the world caring about our election is because most of the world hates us and they don't want us to be so strong.

  8. "This my friend was AWESOME". What you wrote: "I encourage my christian friends, both in real life and on facebook, trust God. Read what the Bible says regarding God's sovereignty. Have faith. Be brave and show that faith to everyone you meet and on every social media tweet, status or blog-post you write."

    This is the heart of the matter. Well said. Bravo!!

  9. hey daughter of the king, good thinking and expressing.

  10. God's will be done.  We are one step closer to God's master plan being fulfilled.  :)

  11. Lots of negativity and divisiveness.  I am ready for the name calling and hatred to stop. 

  12. Yep, this is our only peace of mind - that God is still on the throne.  No matter who's in the White House.  Discouraging, though, I agree. 


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