Friday, September 21, 2012


I’ve heard tell the eyes are the windows to the soul.  If so, yours are cracked panes, leaking crocodile tears.  A saline soul slips down your cheeks.  Where did you learn to use this whimpering weapon?  This girlish game won’t play in a man’s world. 

Wash your face, contain yourself, heads up.

Be a woman!

After watching the DNC and watching the tears flow.  I'm wondering if this nation of "feelers" needs to suck it up a bit.
Linking with G-Man for a Friday Flash 55

572.  County fair
573.  Cows
574.  Corn dogs
575.  Cotton candy
576.  Chickens


  1. I know I was crying after the DNC ;P   (and I HAVE seen it work in a man's world... quite well)  

  2. Ahhhh..Crying is just a catharsis, the older you get, the more the tears flow.
    Welcome back, I do notice these things....:P
    Thanks for the weepy 55 HG...
    You Rock!!!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. better than being heartless...just saying

  4. I cried too...some parts were touching ~  But then again I cry easily ~

    I really find it hard to comment using Disqus :-(

  5. We could at least televise it less.

  6. I agree with G, somethings been happening to my husband the closer he gets to  50, I told him there can only be one crier in the house.  Mind you he also tells all the girls to "pull up their socks" when they get emotional.

  7. completely understand.

  8. Re. your comment on my post today...I totally agree with being sick of the news, politics, the whole lack of good old common sense, values and morals...running away to a happy place is a temptation, just don't think we can find it on this earth! :)


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