Thursday, August 23, 2012

Todd Akin is an idiot

I think that pretty much sums it up.  If he's not an idiot, then I'm assuming his goal was to lose the seat in the Senate and screw the GOP in the election.  But wait, that would make him an idiot, too.  And let me add this, because THIS is extremely important, Todd Akin is running for a seat in the U.S. Sentate.  He is running against the incumbent Claire McCaskill, a Democrat, and was almost assuredly going to win this seat.  Almost assuredly, until he decided to show everyone in the world that he is an idiot.  (I cannot stand pro-life supporters that are idiots.  they make us all look stupid, and I, for one, am not stupid.)

If you don't know what I'm talking about, let me shed some light on this subject.  There is plenty of buzz on the interwebs and network news to teach you all you need to know, and more.  Believe me, the Democratic party and the network and cable pundits are giggling with glee like eight year old girls. 

The Senator from Missouri, a Republican, was being interview by St. Louis television station KTVI.  Sen. Akin was being asked about women's health issues (read, abortion, because that IS the only health issue we women have) and asked whether a woman can become pregnant when they are raped.  Sen. Akin replied, "If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down," according to The Washington Post.  Akin added: "But let's assume that maybe that didn't work or something. I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist and not attacking the child."

Of course a woman can become pregnant if she is raped.  What the heck is a legitimate rape?  I know, he's talking about the gray area of date rape, but seriously, rape is rape and no is no.  Of course, the punishment should be on the rapist and not the child, but most victims of rape aren't thinking about the child.  It takes a lot of love to put a child's life ahead of your own pain.  And, of course, he is now backpedaling like crazy and accusing the Democrats  of using this snafu as an opportunity to get him to back out of the election.  The Democrats are using women's health (abortion and federally funded contraception) as the issue they want to use to distract the nation from the economy.

Hey, America, the real issue is the ECONOMY!  Please don't forget this.

Heck, I want him to back out of the election.  Any Republican with an ounce of sense wants him to back out of the election.  Did you see the interview with Claire McCaskill?  She couldn't wipe that smile off her face if her life depended on it.  Please Sen. Akin, step down, shut up, and don't come out until you learn how to talk in front of a camera.  Please stop trying to help the party and the pro-lifers.  The last time we got help like this was in the middle of the night when Clinton vetoed the bill to ban partial birth abortion bill.  Just go away.  This kind of stink gets all over everyone, not just you.

To the people of Missouri, please, please, please, I beg of you, if Todd Akin does not drop out of the race for this Senate seat, please, please, please, I beg of you, stage a write-in campaign for the next U.S. Senator from Missouri (remember Lisa Murkowski?).  The former senator from Missouri,  Christopher "Kit" Bond would be an excellent candidate.  This election is too important to waste.  Write-in campaigns have been successful in the past.  You can do it, Missouri.  Just "Show Me" your commitment to electing an administration that respects your individual and state's rights.

525.  A break from blogging and finding that my blog is still here.  I just hope I still have a reader or two.
526.  Kids back on campus and business as usual.
527.  Discovering my son lied to me about taking a class this summer and surviving.
528.  Taking a co-worker out for lunch to celebrate her 50th birthday.  (I'm not the only old lady in my building.)
529.  Cooler weather in the mornings and the promise of autumn.


  1. Isn't it funny that you're pro-life and I'm pro-choice...and that Akin has united us on so many things?

    1. We're both feeling the need lately, after his words, to proclaim that we're not stupid.
    2. I don't think that you're stupid.
    3. We both think that Akin's an idiot.
    4. We're both urging Americans to keep him out office

    And wow...I'm Canadian and you're American!  More differences...and yet we're the same. We're women, right?  And, once again, a man has taken it upon himself to explain something to us about our bodies. But he couldn't be more wrong! 

    *That's* what makes Akin an idiot. On soooo many levels.

    Great post.

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting.  And yes, I am a woman.  :)

  3. I'm still here and reading! This Akin thing has me a bit tizzied up so I don't have any useful comment to make. But here's a question: was it really just this one interview, or has he continued saying these things? In other words, is this a stand he's taken, or might I be able to consider it a slip of the tongue? A stupid mistake?

  4. what is funny is the republican vice presidential candidate is not far off from this guy...he has verbalized his own thoughts on it as well and they match up...maybe with a little more tact but...

  5. I agree - that guy is an idiot.

  6. If this were a legitimate rant, your body would have naturally shut it down to 55 words!!
    You're not playing anymore...?...:-(

  7. I read the open letter to Todd Akin from a rape victim who kept her baby and he is truly an idiot!!

  8.  The keynote speaker at the DNC is a man who was accused, and was credibly accused, of rape.  And that is a fact.

  9.  I'm gonna play.  I'm just not sure I'll play with a rant.  Still thinking.  Thanks for reading.  :)

  10. really?!!  my husband keeps asking me..what did he mean to say? because what he did say is too unbelievable and too stupid and he could not have possibly believed or thought what he said.  crazy.


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