Thursday, August 30, 2012

Neglect (or, maybe we just don't care)

So many people just don't take care of their stuff anymore.  An acquaintance of mine had their house on the market.  It was a five-year-old house.  They had purchased it brand new.  I couldn't believe they had the courage to put the pictures on the MLS that were there, but they did.  Beside the fact that they didn't bother to clean before taking the pictures, from the looks of things, yard work hadn't made it into the "to-do" list in the five years they lived in the house.  Neglect.

From the MLS.  Doesn't this just say "buy me?"
I read a post written by someone one rejoicing in the glory of dandelions in their yard.  They had no grass, just dandelions, and they were extolling the beauty that had sprung up all on it's own due to their lack of interest in doing yard work.  I'm sure their neighbors were thrilled, as well.  (not)  Neglect.

A couple weekends ago the husband and I went to Atlantic City for a relaxing weekend.  One thing I asked to do while we were on this trip was to stop in south Atlantic City, in an area called Margate, and see Lucy the Elephant.  (click to read Lucy's story) 
I took this picture and, of course, did not step back far enough
Lucy is more than 6 stories high and is listed on the National Parks registry of Historic Landmarks.  She is over 130 years old and was constructed as a real estate gimmick.  Lucy has survived bootlegging, ocean floods, hurricanes, and even an accidental fire started by some drunken party-goers during Lucy's tenure as a tavern.  The one thing that almost brought Lucy's existence to an end was Neglect.

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Of course, the antidote to Neglect is work, money, time and effort.  Many of the things we neglect oughtn't take enormous amounts of those items if, (Big IF), one keeps up timely maintenance.  I noticed this area of south Atlantic City called Margate was a lovely area.  The homes were well kept.  The shops were clean, neat and inviting.  This is such a contrast to the neighborhoods off the boardwalk area around the casinos in north Atlantic City.

My belief is that the key to fighting neglect is self-respect and care.  The blogger rejoicing in the neglect of their yard admitted they didn't care because they were leaving soon.  I'm guessing this is the same for the acquaintance selling their home.  The area around the big casinos and the way that area has fallen into disrepair shows the lack of care.  (btw, the casinos are beginning to look pretty shabby, as well.  maybe it's time time to change the focus of entertainment?  just sayin'

I know when I get home from my day job, I have my second job to do.  If I don't care for my house and property, who will?  I don't know how to fix this growing attitude of not caring and not taking care of person and property, but we need to return to an attitude of having pride in ourselves and not just sitting around and wishing for something better to come along, but taking care of what we have and being happy with ourselves.
The End
543.  Listening to Condoleezza Rice's speech last night and being inspired by her calm, direct manner of speaking and her story
544.  Listening to Susana Martinez speak and being inspired by her story and the hope she has for the future of this nation
545.  Listening to Paul Ryan share his enthusiasm and energy and ideas for the economic recovery this country needs
546.  Having confidence in a nation that will vote and elect leaders to guide our nation into recovery


  1. dandelions are my fav flower though....i cut my grass at least once a week though....i hear you though...people def dont put value into things....

  2. Our property was beautifully landscaped when we moved in 4.5 years ago. Not so much, now. I've never mowed grass in my life. My husband does a pretty good job of it. I've never gardened or trimmed shrubs, either, and, boy oh boy, does it show. Maybe when the kids are a little bigger...

  3. Hey I watched C. Rice too. I just love her!  This post hit home for me in that I neglect my body.  I take care of everything and anything else but myself and it is a real problem!

  4. SouthernGalThoughtsAugust 30, 2012 at 8:44 PM

    I'm trying to catch up!  That's a good list.

  5. society does not respect life,  so it's all downhill after that....

  6. MemoirsodmeandmineAugust 31, 2012 at 10:21 AM

    We've put work into our place and plan to do more. Sometimes I do find myself getting lazy and need a reminder. Thanks :-)

  7. preach it sister! honestly. 

  8. I loved Condi's speech.  thought it was the most inspiring.  She is so admirable.  I'd never heard of Susanna Martinez, but loved her too.   And Ryan, of course...a smart cutie-patootie.  :-)  Glad to see some younger blood in the GOP. 

  9. Well done. We do neglect so many things. For me, it's relationships. I let so many just drift away... Did I even care to begin with?


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