Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I love blog stalkers

I love blog stalkers.  I love twitter stalkers.  I love facebook stalkers.  What is social media for, if not to peer into the lives of people we don't really know and find out how much we need to improve or, better yet, how  we are superior to most other people.  I welcome the blogstalker.  I invite you to comment with praise or criticism.  My goal, in blogging, is to get a good look at the way I am moving through this world.  I want to get a good look at the way I think about things.  Sometimes I need an adjustment.  Sometimes I'm happy to get the confirmation of not being alone in my way of thinking.  There is just something about seeing the words written on the screen that speak truth to me.  There are times when I get home from a party or my small group bible study or lunch with a friend and I dissect the conversation I just had.  I take some time and try to remember exactly what I said or what she said or what he said and decide if I made a fool of myself or not.  I'm sure I don't remember everything in the conversations just right.  I KNOW I give myself either a lot more criticism or much more accolade than I deserve for ANYTHING I say.  It's just what I do.  Seeing my thoughts written on the screen takes the memory factor out of the equation.  I need this.

I'll admit it.  I'm a blog stalker.  I read blogs I don't follow.  I love checking out what is going on out there in the blogosphere.  I read blogs on topics I have no interest in at all.  I love to see what other people are doing on their blogs.  One thing I've learned about blogstalking is to NOT publicly follow blogs you are stalking.  I don't follow publicly because, I've found, when someone is stalking my blog and follows publicly, I get a notice of a follower.  (besides this takes all the stalkery part out of stalking)  Then, when they decide my blog is not for them and they unfollow, I lose a follower.  I know it shouldn't, but it hurts my feelings a little bit.  I don't want to do this to others, so I don't follow publicly.  This is just me.  I don't comment on a blog I'm stalking.  I lurk.  Now, I don't mind if blogstalkers comment on my blog while their stalking me.  I'm good with this.  Again, this is just me.

Today I'm encouraging all my readers to get out there and blogstalk, facebookstalk, twitterstalk, ...whatever.  There are a lot of good blogs out there.  If you don't poke around the blogosphere and check them out, you could be missing some great stuff.  If you don't twitterstalk other people's twitter feeds, you won't know where the next party is.  If you don't facebookstalk your friends (or unfriends) you won't know what they are saying about you.  JUST KIDDING.  Everybody will only be talking about themselves.  It's what we do.

65.  Trader Joes Greek Style salad dressing (yummy)
66.  Bloggers
67.  Free high resolution images on the internet from wonderful photographers
68.  Coworkers who care about the job
69.  Notary publics in the building you work at
70.  Son's placating their mom, because they know it will make mom happy for a whole day


  1. Social media is so funny - I have a Twitter account with 30 followers and did nothing to acquire those followers, because I never tweet.  :)  I follow mostly chefs and do enjoy reading their tweets.

    I use facebook to keep up with the kids in our family mostly.  They are so spread out and do so many interesting things.  I bit my knuckle and didn't comment on a former coworker's update yesterday - she took a photo of a woman in a restaurant wearing a too snug tshirt and then posted it on facebook, saying that she and her daughter think that kind of display should be a crime.  (The woman had a roll around her waist - which a lot of us do.)  I was offended on the woman's behalf that her picture was displayed on facebook for people to ridicule.  I nearly canceled facebook over that nonsense, but then there's the whole keeping up with the family thing...

  2. Dammit. You caught me ;) *hands up*

  3. smiles...i def read blogs i do not follow and about things i really have no interest in but i have interest more in teh people behind them...i can tell you more about womens issues than i ever could before because i have blog friends that occassionally talk about womens issues...that is just an example but...

  4.  You're so funny. Facebook stalking weirds me out a little bit; I'll be honest. But I don't have a pseudonym, either. Here's what I think about it: if you're going to stalk me on fb, don't tell me you've done it when you run into me at Wal-Mart. Because it's a weird feeling when someone starts gushing about my life in public...

  5. I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to comment or not :)

    I think Ann Voskamp said something about how writing helped her live an event twice--once in the actual living, and then again in the slowing down and remembering.

    Thanks for stalking me, and for dropping by with your encouraging comments.

  6. I don't do facebook, I don't tweet, I don't text. I only blog and sometimes not very often. I go through stages looking and reading other people's blogs. My computer time is limited and I normally read only a few blogs that interest me.
    Right now I'm into reading about vitamins so I might read blogs about that for a while and then it fades away. Some other blogs I've read for a long time.

  7. Well, I see that many people stop by my blog but not so many comment.  I have to say that I like getting comments. It makes things interesting.  And I don't have those indecipherable words to block robots either.  

  8.  Melinda Jane Kellogg: stalker!


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