Sunday, July 21, 2013

Love is a four letter word

Love warms my lips,
The four-letter-word,
The word I hesitate to use,
It makes me vulnerable,
It means I care,
It makes all of the other words moot
To speak it is to admit it.
To speak it is to strip naked - bare my heart - mean it - beg reciprocation -
Ten thousand angels are at my beck and call;  they guard my way.
I rejoice out loud 
Soft eyes wide-open, accepting my love as flowers accept sunshine
Leaves stir in the breeze and welcome me to rest in their shade.
It is music to me
and Bold
326.  Warm banana bread
327.  Rain cooling the roof of my house
328.  Being free
329.  Working hard and getting things accomplished
330.  New office mates and looking forward to seeing them tomorrow
331.  Watching tv and just chilling
332.  Having confidence that what comes around, goes around
333.  A comfortable bed
334.  My dog (even though he smells pretty bad)
335.  Not smelling like insect repellent and campfires
336.  Cool breezes


  1. Love is so much better than hate any day. Very good poem that gives me hope.

  2. love is def harder than hate you have to care...but imgaine if we all did...smiles.

  3. Watch out! You're on your way to becoming an "F" instead of a "T!" But I'll love you either way!

  4. That scares me... just a little bit.


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