Monday, April 22, 2013

The irony of not believing in right or wrong

I came across this meme on my facebook news feed.  I did the tiniest bit of research on Harry Palmer and the Avatar Path, (this means I checked him out in Wikipedia). 

Harry Palmer, a follower of Scientology, may claim that no one is right because of what they believe, but if they lie about their credentials and then take a critic to court and sue them for copyright and trademark infringement, you are certainly behaving as if you believe you are right.

From Wikipedia (which I know cannot be used as a credible source)
From a 1991 issue of the Avatar Journal, company literature and associated websites started portraying Harry Palmer (born April 3, 1944) as an Educational Psychologist, including claims that he received a Masters in Educational Psychology from Elmira College.  The Florida Department of Health investigated the academic credentials of Harry Palmer in 2005/2006. The Department found that he used the term "psychologist" illegally and made him sign a cease-and-desist agreement.

In 2000 Harry Palmer sued Eldon Braun, a former Avatar licensee and Palmer critic, for copyright and trademark infringement, unfair competition, breach of contract, intentional interference with a business relationship, and libel. In 2005, the court awarded Palmer $36,000 in damages for copyright infringement, $20,000 for libel damages, and $364,527.68 in attorney’s fees, with all other claims dropped or dismissed.

Oh yeah, and he was sued by the church of Scientology for trademark infringement.  It seems as if he spent a great deal of believing he was right, when he was not.  


  1. LOL! Me thinks people need to research what they put up on fb a bit more...and think before posting!

  2. Take your time to read and understand the lessons presented. The work this man has done has changed thousands upon thousands of lives for the better, and people are always keen to judge and discriminate, especially the authorities. Look at the current educational and political system. Don't you think it could do with a tune up, focusing more on happiness and well being than fear and greed?
    Harry is an amazing "educational psychologist", just watch one video.


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